Gordon Murray T.27 wins RAC Future Car Challenge

November 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Gordon Murray emerged as the overall winner in the RAC Future Car Challenge this weekend, his all-electric T.27 (the blue one) judged to be the most energy-efficient of the 70-odd cars on the 57-mile Brighton to London run. It’s the second victory for him at the event – last year, the petrol-powered T.25 came out the best. No new news from Murray (pictured right, with the black T.25) on the cars’ progress, though he says that he’s talking with a number of major motor manufacturers in different regions about licensing the rights to production, and to his patented iStream production process. Gordon Murray Designs is also working on concepts for clients, with projects covering everything from tiny two-seaters to large trucks and lorries, he told me,  and hydrogen, petrol, diesel and electrically-powered vehicles.

Full results for all the categories posted here at the Charging Point – complete social media ‘fail’ for the official RAC FCC PR operation, I’m afraid, who didn’t so much as tweet during the event and haven’t yet (at lunchtime Monday) published a formal list of winners, as far as I can see (event was Saturday, folks). More to follow from me on the event and some of the cars participating.


Gordon Murray unveils T.27

June 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Gordon Murray formally unveiled  his T.27 city car at the RAC Club today. The T.27 – closely-based on his ICE T.25 but with a Zytek Automotive-supplied all-electric powertrain – is 2.5m long and 1.6m tall, weighs just 680 kg including battery, seats three, has a top speed of 65mph and a range of up to 100 miles. Power comes from a 25kW motor. Importantly, it has been fully crash-tested, meeting all EU standards for high-speed impacts, and it is intended to be cheap to produce and build, thanks to Murray’s patented iStream production process. Its lifecycle CO2 emissions are claimed to be over 40% less than those of a comparable conventional car, and its combined emissions using a typical UK energy mix are 43g/km. Murray says that he is talking to three manufacturers about licensing the car’s design and production process.


Gordon getting on-iStream

October 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

Gordon Murray is near to licensing his T.25 city car for production, reports Edmunds Inside Line.  A ‘major car-maker’ is said to be interested, as well as a large – non-automotive – retailer, and Murray’s firm, Gordon Murray Design, is working with two car companies, including one major European manufacturer, on deals involving his iStream manufacturing concept.

The T.25 itself is a three-seat, ultra-lightweight city car with a three-cylinder, 660cc Mitsubishi engine and composite body panels. Murray is developing an-electric version,T.27, in collaboration with Zytek, and this will be revealed next year. The iStream process, meanwhile, entails the construction of different car body-types on a universal chassis – body-on-frame structures – and is said to save about 80% of production investment costs, 20% of necessary factory space, and 20% of vehicle weight.

Further news for the day:

  • Australia switches on to EV use: a five-year trial involving 60 vehicles from a number of manufacturers, 180 citizens and 50 companies is to start in the state of Victoria. It’s backed by the state administration to the tune of AUS$5million.
  • Parisian mayor Bertrand Delanoe has confirmed that the Autolib EV-hire scheme will start next year. The vehicular equivalent to the Velib bike-borrowing programme (which inspired London’s ‘Boris bikes’), it will involve membership (15 euros a month) plus a five-euro per half-hour usage charge. Cars can be picked up and parked at 700 different locations across Paris, all with guaranteed parking – in itself, a very powerful incentive to join.

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