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September 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Microcab of Coventry is to launch a fuel cell city car this week, reports Autocar. The H2EV – engineered by Lotus and its chassis built by Delta Motorsport – is to go out to the CABLED (Coventry and Birmingham Low Emission Demonstrator) trial; it’s said to have a range of 100 miles.

  • Doking Automotiv of Croatia, meanwhile, has produced a prototype of a neat little three-seat, gullwing-doored EV called XD. Full story at The Charging Point.
  • ACEA, the European car manufacturers’ association, has finally agreed a common standard for EV plugs and sockets. It’s unlikely to come into force till 2017, but will at least aid EV and charging infrastructure development. More at Green Car Congress.
  • New BMW M5: engine output up 10%, torque up by 30%, fuel consumpytion cut by over 30% to 28.5mpg thanks to the addition of stop-start, brake energy recuperation and other EfficientDynamics tech.
  • Nissan is to rebadge the Mitsubishi Minicab i-MiEV, an electric¬† mini-MPV. For sale in Japan only, however.
  • Former GM vice-chairman Bob “global warming is a crock of shit” Lutz is to become a ‘senior adviser’ at an EV-maker, reports Jalopnik. Unlikely, or an opportunist move? Via Motors appears to convert GM’s big trucks, SUVs and minivans, by the way, so having a GM insider onside will be useful for them.
  • Are we coming to “the end of motoring”? asks the Guardian. Some good points, some interesting debate…

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