BMW i3: over-the-air sat nav, chargepoint mapping updates

July 15, 2016 § Leave a comment

LichtBlick_1504_3E-Haus_mw_013Just a note here to pick up on something a few of my interviewees/research subjects reported re. the BMW i3: its sat nav only showing charging points from the Chargemaster network. Of course, these drivers should by now have picked up the updates since our conversations, but just in case [i.e. low-mileage drivers who don’t charge away from home  & very rarely use the navigation, so may not have checked into the system lately], I’ve clarified this with BMW, and here’s a statement as to what i3 drivers should be able to see:

“Regardless of the age of the model the car should receive auto updates… We have dynamic data feeds from Chargemaster and ChargeYourCar to ensure that all points are included and any new, removed or updated points are sent to BMW once a week. With Chargemaster, as they are our ChargeNow partner, we are also able to display the status of these points (available, in use, partially in use, out of service) and this status data is updated every 15 minutes, unless a customer clicks into the BMW Online additional info whereby the status is updated every 3 minutes.

“We also have manual data feeds from PodPoint, ecarni, RCN, Source London and Ecotricity. We update this info on a regular basis, more so if the networks are making a significant number of changes or updates. Ecotricity is often one that customers ‘believe’ they do not have included as this was only added recently in approx. Nov 2015 [my emphasis].

“With regard to vehicle updates, the car refreshes its charging point POI [point of interest] data telematically (over-air) once a week assuming it stays within a 300km homezone. If, however, the car is driven outside of this zone it requests an immediate update for a new 300km radius zone based on its new position, up to 5000 POI points. If a customer searches charging POIs at a destination outside of the homezone it triggers a pull-down of fresh data of up to 20 charging POIs at that destination. Also, if a customer searched charging point POIs along a set navigation route, this would also trigger a pull-down of up to 100 charging POIs along the route within a width of 750m.”

As much as anything else, this serves to very usefully illustrate the pace of change and the ongoing welcome developments in information/data provision and related services. But for i3 drivers still not seeing the full data from all the providers, it’s suggested that your local BMW dealer will be able to help.

Hope this is useful and of interest – Farah


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