Concept of the Day: MAN TGX

September 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

MAN TGXMore trucking news: “Hybrid drives in commercial vehicles will be part of the drive concept of the future in all areas of application”, says Volkswagen-owned MAN, which has displayed a diesel-electric concept called TGX at the IAA (truck show), Hannover. This one has a parallel hybrid system for long-distance trips on diesel power (440hp), but with brake energy recuperation and battery storage to power a 130kW motor, which also acts as an alternator when coasting and braking. Total fuel and CO2 savings are around 8%. MAN has also made diesel-electric city buses, and also has a range-extended electric research prototype, the Metropolis, though it warns that engineering an all-electric range into hybrid heavy trucks is technologically complex, demanding big, heavy and expensive batteries.

  • On a more mainstream note, a plug-in hybrid Volkswagen Passat, too: a useful all-electric range of 31 miles, a combined 141mpg, and UK sales from summer next year, reports Autocar.
  • And on a very different note, Porsche is adding a plug to the Cayenne; the Cayenne S E-Hybrid is to make its debut at the Paris Motor Show later this week, joining the existing Panamera S E-Hybrid and 918 Spyder at the charging point. This delivers a combined 416hp and 0-60 in 5.4 seconds; no word yet on its all-electric range, however. Some interesting nuggets of info in the initial release: 9% of all Panameras sold worldwide Jan-August 2014 are E-Hybrids (1,513); the E-Hybrid accounted for 16% of Panameras sold in the US in August. Small numbers, to be sure, but this suggests that something is going on…
  • The University of Delaware is running a pilot project with 23 on-campus EVs, selling electricity back to the grid at profit; more here.
  • Eurotunnel is putting 18 EVs – mostly Renault Zoes – to work at its Coquelles site. More here. Kia’s putting in its own network of rapid-chargers at its offices and retailers across Europe, to be available to consumer-drivers of the Soul EV, reports EV Fleet World; and Norwegian discount store KIWI is putting in 50 rapid-chargers at its sites (more here).
  • Plans in Madrid to restrict car use in four central districts – and to eventually make 25% of the city car-free – are reported at CityLab. Still some exemptions (residents with guaranteed parking spaces), the major through-routes, circular and arterial roads remain (so they’re not quite car-free zones, then; nose-to-tail traffic, as we see on the borderlines of the London congestion charge zone?), plus there’s the need for delivery vehicles, of course – so in tandem with an electromobility policy this might be something really effective in reducing the city’s air quality, noise and congestion problems…

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