#EV sales predictions, latest UK traffic stats, more future cars news…

August 14, 2014 § Leave a comment

elektromotive pointThe global market for light-duty plug-in vehicles will grow by nearly 25% year on year to 2023, predicts the latest report from Navigant Research. Top cities for EV adoption will be Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo, with North America the strongest market; nearly 100,000 PEVs were sold there last year. 2013 also saw sales of 30,000 PEVs in Japan, 23,000 in the Netherlands (dominated by plug-in hybrids such as the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, I believe), and 17,000 in China. Still tiny numbers in the great scheme of things, but Navigant is expecting sales of over 514,000 a year in the US in 2013.

  • OK, latest UK road traffic statistics: for Q2 April-June 2014, all traffic was up 1.4% to 77.1billion vehicle miles (compared to Q2, 2013); car and light-goods traffic rose by 1% and 3.5% respectively; traffic volumes increased across all road classifications. Traffic increased – and average speeds decreased on A-roads.
  • BMW Group Asia is partnering with California-based Greenlots to develop an open-standard EV charging network for Singapore. Using Open Charge Point Protocol (OCCP) charger-to-network comms tech, this will cover home/workplace charging, public charging points and assistance services, accessed and billed via the ChargeNow system plus Greenlots apps. More here.
  • EV buyers in France are being offered up to 10,000 euros ‘scrappage’ if they’re sending a diesel car to the crusher: nominally, sounds like a good idea to improve local air quality, if a little less carbon- and energy-friendly in a well-to-wheel lifecycle analysis… More here. (Thoughtful piece on diesel, particulates, city air quality and the lagging of legislation to tackle it here at Guardian Cities).
  • Hemp fibres – the waste bits left over from fabric-making or building materials – could be a good substitute for graphene in supercapacitors for energy storage. More here.
  • Toyota USA senior VP Bob Carter reckons “we’re on the cusp of the automotive hydrogen age”. Speaking at the JP Morgan Auto Conference in NY this week, he noted that though initially hydrogen may be more expensive than gasoline (and indeed, electricity), longer-term running costs will come down. Full text of his speech here; “of all the advanced powertrain systems we have in our portfolio…we see hydrogen fuel cells as being THE no-compromise, primary-option vehicle for the NEXT 100 years”, he says. Another interesting snippet from his speech: Toyota’s US sales to buyers born after 1980 (Gen Y or millennials) doubled 2009-2012 (to 2.5million a year) and rose 20% in the next two years, with a further 10% rise expected this year to reach 3.5million a year. Which bucks the kids-not-buying-cars trend.





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