National Travel Survey 2013: very quick summary…

July 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

RoutemasterDigging into the data from the National Travel Survey 2013. Britons are travelling fewer miles each year (average 6,584, down 6% from 1995) and making fewer trips away from home (923 a year, the lowest recorded); driving, walking and cycling are all down (though driving and walking still account for 86% of travel), as are trips for shopping (20% of trips), visiting friends and commuting. 81% of men have a driving licence and 68% of women, but only 31% of those aged 17-20 (compared to 85% of 40-49 year-olds), and those in the highest income quintile travel nearly twice as far in a year than those in the lowest-income quintile.

Viewed from a more long-term perspective, however, annual mileage (using all modes) and number of trips are still way up on travel in the 1970s, and though average distance travelled over a year has fallen since the mid-’90s, average trip length is up 12% (to 7.1 miles), as is trip time (up 16% to 23.7 minutes). In 2013, 18% of trips were less than a mile, 67% less than five miles, 95% less than 25 miles; 77% of the total distance and 64% of all trips travelled were by car; walking accounted for 22% of trips, rail for 3% and buses 7%, though train travel was 10% of distance and buses just 5%.

Interestingly, trips by private transport (including walking, cycling, motorbike etc) are down 18% from 1995/7; men travel further than women, but take fewer trips; cycling is down but distances travelled is up (by 55%, in London). Public transport now accounts for 11% of trips, though people only use public transport on average 106 times a year. Public transport use has risen most steeply in London – bus trips are up 45% and surface rail trips up 67% since 1995/7, though bus use has declined outside London. Bus use is highest among young people – and those who have never worked or who are long-term unemployed. Anyway, much more detail – including on reasons for travel, regional and other demographic differences, licence-holding, car occupancy, ownership and mileage,  – is in the full statistical release.



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