Notes from #CarliteLDN; more car-sharing, #EV and e-mobility news

July 10, 2014 § Leave a comment

zipcar appHave been following the #CarliteLDN conference at City Hall via Twitter today. It’s organised/chaired by Zipcar (app pictured; other services are available), so yes, it’s all about cheerleading for the cause, but some useful/interesting stats and references coming through and there seems to be a very positive attitude from the boroughs and councils. It seems that 32 boroughs have car club presence; London is the biggest EU market for car clubs; and 90% of Hackney residents live within 5mins of a car club car (Cllr Feryal Demirci, deputy Chair of Transport & Environment Committee). Baroness Kramer, Minister of State for Transport, points out that car traffic is now slower in London than in the 1960s, and says that the average privately-owned car is used for only 45 minutes a day, with evidence showing that PAYG car use encourages more walking, cycling and public transport use. Full transcript of her presentation here.

Zipcar’s UK General Manager Mark Walker expects car club membership in inner London to grow from 171,000 at end of 2014 to nearly 800,000 by 2020, with these users sharing a fleet of 10,000 cars. He said that growth in outer London a challenge, with main gains in inner London to 2020, but noted that one-way journeys do “often replace” public transport and taxi use as well as cycling. Nick Lester, Corporate Director of Services, London Councils, is quoting 164,000 car club members across London at the mo, demonstrating that it’s not niche; and @fionamclean has tweeted that car club info and car locations are going to be incorporated into official TfL maps.

Thanks to @scottericlevine, @ZipcarUK, @Tiffy_Lynch, @afionamclean, @benitamatofska, @robv1989, @BriggsMartyn and everyone tweeting on the #CarliteLDN hashtag – much appreciated.

  • Zipcar’s report, Car Lite London – How Car Clubs Will Help More Londoners Drive Less can be downloaded here.
  • On a not unrelated note, a summary of the Frost & Sullivan Urban Mobility 3.0 conference (London, 4/7/14) here. The key message was about a shift away from car ownership to on-demand usage, along with “mobility integration” both in the consumer market and in the corporate world.
  • And some great feedback from France on usage of the Autolib’ EV-share; the Guardian reports that membership is up to 155,000 with 10,000 rentals of the 2,500 cars a day; 80% of users are make with the bulk aged 25-49, and it’s particularly popular among younger drivers; the average distance covered is less than six miles and the average rental period is 30-40 minutes; and peak demand times include Wednesday afternoons when schools are shut and parents take kids to activities and Friday/Saturday evenings for getting home to the suburbs.  Around half of subscribers don’t have their own car, and 70% felt that using Autolib’ had enabled them not to buy one; 75% of the car owners thought it helped them limit their mileage in their own car, especially for leisure and shopping and 25% saw the service as their ‘main car’. Estimates are that in the first two years, over 11,500 ICE cars in the greater Paris region were sold (or not bought) by Autolib’ subscribers, with a ‘loss’ of 28,000 cars expected over five years. Users also say that they like the scheme’s green aims as well as its practicality.
  • Some findings at the University of California, Riverside, on the use of silicon dioxide (sand or quartz) in lithium-ion batteries for EVs – could increase their lifecycle x3. More here.
  • The Exagon Furtive e-GT (a boutique-build e-supercar) is to appear at a posh car show at the Hurlingham Club, London: latest stats/specs for it are a near-400bhp twin-motor powertrain (Siemens-supplied) with three-speed transmission, 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds and 155mph. More at Autocar.
  • Honda’s putting all the plans, specs and drawings from its Smart Home project open-source – including details of the HEMS (Home Energy Management System) microgrids to co-ordinate renewable electricity generation with domestic demands and electric vehicle-charging.
  • Largest EV deployment by the US government as yet: 90 vehicles to 10 local administrations in the San Francisco/Bay Area. More here.
  • Jaguar Land Rover’s new ‘Ingenium’ family of lighter-weight engines will be, of course, electrification-compatible. More here.

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