Design Concept of the Day: Applus IDIADA iShare

April 10, 2014 § Leave a comment

applus idiada ishareHere’s an EV for European car-sharing: the iShare, developed by Barcelona-based engineering consultancy Applus IDIADA (creator of the rather more sporting Volar-e) and on display this week at the SAE World Congress. Autoblog Green has turned up a a few details on it: the key-free doors open via a scanner which reads a barcode on a smartphone, ignition is via a PIN code; power is from a 15kW motor with 140Nm of torque; it’ll do 50mph; and its 7kWhr lithium-ion battery gives a 62-mile range, rechargeable in 70 minutes. At 2m long, it can be parked side-on (like a Smart Fortwo), and it has an easy-clean, easily-replaceable plastic interior. It’s classed as a ‘heavy quadricycle’ at 530kg and would cost a projected $8000-$12,000 to buy. Autoblog Green also has a video of it in action.

  • A ‘hydrogen hybrid’ van converted by Revolve Technologies (maker of the Emerald t-001 RE-EV van) is on trial with Commercial Group in London, reports Fleet News. This differs from a fuel cell vehicle in that it effectively combines the hydrogen with diesel fuel (in tiny quantities, acting as an ignition catalyst, and in greater proportion under higher engine load), and it can run on diesel alone if hydrogen is not available. Full lowdown on the H2ICED tech from Revolve here. The vans are based on the 2.2-litre Ford Transit diesel, and are said to have particulate emissions ‘to a factor of ten’ lower than the original oil-burners as well as ultra-low CO2 and diesel fuel economy of 100mpg-odd.



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