Design Concept of the Day: FOMM Concept One

March 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

fomm concept oneThough it’s not a fully amphibious vehicle as such, it floats and can be propelled via a water-jet generator – so perhaps this is the EV for a climate ravaged by global warming, rising sea levels and soforth. It’s been designed with the monsoons of South East Asia in mind but perhaps an importer should set up on the Somerset Levels. Anyway, Japanese start-up FOMM (First One Mile Mobility) describes it as an “electric vehicle with flood and water damage resistance capability”, as well as claiming it to be the world’s smallest four-seat EV; it’s a 460kg, 2495mm-long tiddler with a pair of 5kW/280Nm in-wheel motors, sliding doors and a “cassette type” removable lithium-ion battery which can be taken out for charging or used as an emergency power source in the home. Not much more info than that at the moment, but it does look rather kawaii, and I do like a concept designed with some thought to broader contexts, applications and situations.

  • Four hydrogen-fuelled Van Hool buses have been delivered to Aberdeen, Scotland: this is part of a wider project involving the set-up of fuelling infrastructure and a hydrolysis plant for generating hydrogen, and a fleet of 10 fuel cell buses will be operated by Stagecoach and First Group. More at Green Car Congress.
  • Bioenergy from forestry residues may have to be used for 60-80 years before CO2 emissions savings in line with EU threshold targets are seen, according to a paper from the Finnish Environment Institute; implications for biofuels, then.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport in Spain is a job for non-technological measures, namely restricting driving, but cutting down on particulates and nitrous oxides calls for advanced emissions reduction technologies, says a team from Universidad Politechnica Madrid, which has developed a modelling system to explore the impacts of policy decisions.
  • Magnets: a simpler and more reliable way than electronic transmission to guide autonomous vehicles, thinks Volvo. Nice story plus images at Wired Autopia.



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