Porsche P1, other EV-related news

January 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

porsche p1Porsche is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the opening of its (most excellent) museum with a new exhibit: Ferdinand Porsche’s first-built car, the Egger-Lohner electric vehicle, C.2. Phaeton (“P1”, for short). This 116-year-old vehicle, one of the first vehicles registered in Austria (26th June, 1898), has been rediscovered and will be shown unrestored. Its 3hp electric-drive system weighed just 130kg and could take it up to 22mph, with an overboost-type system and 12-speed controller giving up to 5hp for short bursts; range was up to 50 miles. Not bad for what was, essentially, a motorised horse-cart, which had the additional advantage of summer/winter body styles.

This particular car went to the September 1899 international motor show in Berlin, and took part in a 25-mile race for electric vehicles – coming in 18 minutes ahead of the nearest opposition, though half of the competitors failed to finish. It also charted the best energy consumption in urban “traffic”.

  • So the UK government (OLEV, with the SMMT, in partnership with car-makers) has launched its Go Low Ultra website with info on EVs, charging, cost incentives and sweeteners, vehicles producing less than 75g/km tailpipe emissions (including plug-in hybrids, range-extended EVs) and the Zap-Map of public charging points. Not a lot of detailed information – it’s pretty basic-level stuff, written in a clear but verging-on-the-condescending style – but well, it’s something.
  • Honda has started field-testing its MC-β micro-EV and a solar recharging system in Miyakojima City; three PV recharging stations have been supplied by project partner Toshiba. Trials are also underway in Kumamoto Prefecture and Saitama City, but the Miyakojima project has the additional focus of evaluating EV use on a small island, where distances travelled are short and fuels otherwise have to be shipped in from the mainland. More at Green Car Congress.

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