Concept of the Day: Volvo Concept XC Coupe

January 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

volvo concept xc coupeVolvo has launched its new cloud-based  information/entertainment system. Sensus Connect includes a parking location/payment service, music streaming and Wikipedia hook-up, as well as wi-fi; Park&Pay is Volvo’s first car-to-infrastructure application. Partners in development of Sensus Connect include Ericsson, Yelp and Glympse. Volvo’s also working with Swedish sports kit-maker POC on projects including car-to-cyclist communications systems, and is to reveal a show car called Concept XC Coupe in Detroit next week. Not much detail on this as yet beyond the headline news that it’s “inspired by the design of modern sports gear”, and will have some orange detailing, exterior graphics and matte rubber mouldings (woo).

  • And BMW’s ConnectedDrive in the i3 and i8 will feature the INRIX Intermodal Navigation system – a real-time navigation/journey planner with public transport link-up info plus EV energy management, range optimisation and charging point location. More at Green Car Congress.
  • We’ve looked at ‘peak car’, ‘peak oil’, etc – now, how about ‘peak road’? Concept – a levelling-off of US road-building – explained at The Atlantic Cities, based on work by David Levinson, Urban Systems Research Group, University of Minnesota.
  • Google and Nvidia are partnering with Honda, Hyundai, GM and Audi to put Android systems in their cars, via an organisation they’re calling the Open Automotive Alliance (aim to make Android the platform for automotive applications). Story reported at Wired. Notes on iOS vs Android for cars at Fast Company.
  • Evantran-Bosch’s domestic wireless  induction charging system – 240-volt – has been launched at CES. It’s compatible with some (but not all) Volt and Leaf models; press release posted here.
  • One for the DIY brigade: the OSVehicle can, its creators claim, be assembled in as little as an hour using open-source blueprints plus a supplied electric or hybrid powertrain. Choose from an open buggy or a street-legal machine; the Tabby and Urban Tabby will be offered as kits or, later, pre-built, with options for customisation and soforth. Story at Treehugger.

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