Concept of the Day #2: Daihatsu FC Deco Deck

November 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

daihatsu deco deckYep, another fuel cell concept: a “zero-emission next-generation mobility vehicle”, says Daihatsu, exhibiting at the Tokyo Motor Show. The Deco Deck’s liquid fuel cell system is free of precious metals, however, and also forms the basis of two different generators, developed with a view to emergency power supplies. Not much detail on the tech as yet, but it’s said to be low-cost, and compact enough to be installed under-floor, thus freeing up space in a micro-vehicle/tiny truck-deck like this. The FC-Dock generators (two outputs) are also designed to be affordable, can be started up without external power, and feature a new bottle-replacement system to avoid direct contact with the hydrogen.

  • Toyota has showcased a Driver Awareness Research Vehicle, a collaboration with Microsoft, at the LA Show. The DARV uses interactive displays – info on traffic, weather, diary notifications, routing – to inform the driver before start-up, in a bid to reduce at-wheel distraction; the display is on the side window. It also deploys games and devices to get kids to put their seatbelts on, and anticipates integration with autonomous driving systems. More, including nice quotes from the director of Toyota’s safety research centre on the changing relationship between drivers, cars and technology, here.

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