Design Concept of the Day: Audi O

September 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

audi_o_wearable_carThis one’s the award-winning 2013 Interior Motives Student Design of the Year, and it’s wearable. Created by Nir Siegel, Cherica Haye and Hunchul Lee, students at the Royal College of Art, London, it is an electric vehicle in which the driver’s suit is directly-connected to the chassis for information transfer. It’s an open-wheeled single-seater with integrated steering and throttle unit and the suit would stretch and tighten around the driver at higher speeds. It won the ‘Best Ergonomics’ category of the competition, which had the brief of ‘The Connected Car’; puts a new spin on the idea of the human-machine interface, anyway. More about the Interior Motives competition here; a further report is at Car Design News. Incidentally, if you Google ‘Audi O Concept’, you come up with an earlier design of that name which is a neat little thing: a diesel-electric hybrid specifically created for an optimum audio (get it?) experience.

In other news so far this week:

  • Some interesting stats on the Guardian data blog: bike sales (new) outstrip new car sales (down 5% in August, incidentally) in 19 out of 23 European countries, including Germany, the UK, France and Spain. It’s not a new trend, but the biggest leap in bike sales recently has been in the UK. Is this down to the exponentially-growing number of MAMILs and their multiple-bike collections, or a wider trend involving practical transport choices?
  • The number of people world-wide using car-share schemes (short-term rentals) will rise from today’s 2.3million to over 12 million by the end of the decade, according to Navigant Research.
  • And a nice, detailed and illustrative article on car-sharing in Berlin at Spiegel Online. Quotes research from the Frauenhofer Institutes claiming that the number of cars in Germany will halve by 2050 – that’s some fall in ownership.
  • Am not sure whether this is an inspired idea or some horrible foretaste of the dystopian cities of the future: the Land Airbus, a huge catamaran-style people-carrier which runs on rails straddling the road so car traffic can continue to pass underneath it. Pics, video at Treehugger.

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