Design Concept of the Day: Volkswagen Aerrow

September 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

01-Volkswagen-Aerrow-Concept-10-720x508It’s Friday fantasy car time… this is a project by Andreas Blazunaj of HBK-Braunschweig, designed for maximum energy efficiency and aerodynamics plus ultra-light weight. It’s a two-seater in which the driver sits in a recumbent position, and stays stable using gyroscopes. Power comes from a two-cylinder diesel engine, with all-wheel drive and steering. Full gallery of pics at Car Body Design.

In news today:

  • Did I hear someone say ‘peak car’? The UK’s vehicle population has just reached 35million, including 29million cars, for the first time, according to data from the DVLA. A preliminary blog post from the RAC Foundation suggests that factors influencing this growth in car ownership may include a rising population, more women in employment, a record number of people in employment, more people living on their own, and longer-term changes in land use such as relocation of workplaces, services and retail to out-of-town sites.
  • Heard the one about the electric car which booked in its own slot at a charging station? Norwegian researchers at SINTEF are working on a GPS-enabled system with route planning and range calculation; a small trial in Trondheim and a larger 200-car programme in Oslo and Kongsberg will kick off next year. Full story here. SINTEF is also working on electric buses and studying the benefits of electric goods vehicles in Norway, which currently boasts an EV population of around 11,000.
  • How are bike-share systems used? What/who goes where, and when? Interesting-looking spatial network analysis study (from CASA, UCL) looking at spatio-temporal flow data from bike-shares in five cities (incl London) and creating data visualisations: see here.
  • And duel-fuel cars: researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a natural gas/diesel hybrid in which diesel is injected into the intake manifold of a diesel engine converted to run on CNG. This could bring CO2 emissions down to 43g/km, and fuel consumption up to 118mpg, in a typical subcompact (supermini) fitted with the trial VW 2.0-litre diesel.

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