Concept of the Day: Greyp G12 e-bike

September 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

Greyp-G12Electric bikes are getting more versatile and becoming available in increasing variety: the Greyp G12 is a kind of e-bike/motorcycle hybrid designed to give the best of both worlds, and with the rugged appearance of a trials bike. It’s said to do 65km/h, has a range of 120km (without pedalling), and can be fully recharged in 80min from a standard 22-V outlet, with charge supplemented by regenerative braking. Interesting thing is that it’s the work of Croatia’s Rimac Automobili (creators of the Concept One supercar) and features its top-spec battery pack with the A123 Systems-developed lithium-nanophosphate cells. Press release and video of it in action posted here; not sure on how the road-legality of it, and its classification, translates to the UK as yet, however. Prices from 6000 euros, deliveries next year, they say. Greyp is launching the G12 this week at the Salon Prive show in Syon Park, London, an event better-known for its supercars, exotic classics, luxury limos, concours d’elegance and lavish corporate hospitality than for eco-machines. Does this signal a repositioning of two-wheeled, pedal-assisted electromobility as upmarket, desirable and aspirational?

In other news for a pre-weekend round-up:

  • The success of car-shares (in the US sense of on-demand rentals) rests on on-street access and drop-off, says BMW DriveNow USA’s CEO, a problem in San Francisco and US cities. More at Automotive News.
  • 4G LTE ultra-fast broadband in cars: opens up a whole host of new possibilities and business models, according to state-of-play article at Automotive News Europe.
  • Proterra has made its largest-yet US fleet sale: 12 of its electric buses are going to Foothill Transit, operating in the Pomona and San Gabriel valleys, southern California (Green Car Congress).
  • Over 6,400 plug-in hybrid cars were sold in the US last month, the highest monthly figure yet. This includes over 3,350 Chevy Volts, nearly 1800 Toyota Prius PHVs and over 620 Ford C-Max Energis (Green Car Congress).

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