Concept of the Day: Renault Twin-Z

April 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

renault twinzA preview of next year’s next-generation Twingo – and it’s electric. The Twin-Z is a rear-wheel-drive city car and first demo of the shared development programme with the next-generation Smart four-seater (hence the rear-drive layout), and features a 67bhp/167lb ft motor and under-floor lithum-ion batteries. Its LED-studded exterior and rear-hinged rear doors are unlikely to make production, but it’s a good indication of Renault’s thinking for the real deal. The Twin-Z is on display at a furniture fair in Milan this week, and a three-doored version, TwinFun, is said to be about to make its debut too. Three-cylinder petrol and diesel versions are also to feature in the range alongside this Twingo ZE EV. Styling is by British designer Ross Lovegrove, and further notable features include the use of recyclable materials and an infotainment system controlled via a dash-mounted tablet.

  • Community EV-sharing: villagers from Cilgywn, near Newport, have bought a Nissan Leaf with Lottery money and are setting up a car club. A second car is to follow, with more planned if the idea takes off, and the club has sorted out solar charging in Newport for return trips. More here (thanks, @charliemuss).
  • And the MOPeasy EV-share scheme is now in 10 locations in France… more here (via @POLISnetwork).
  • Hydrogen from the ash produced from incinerating rubbish? Lund University Sweden, is developing a technique which could also lessen landfill. More here.

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