Design Concept of the Day: Nissan 315X (1970)

April 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

nissan 315xYou know I’m a sucker for a retro pic. Found this oil-crisis baby whilst trawling through the Nissan archives (see previous post…): 315X EV concept for the 1970 Tokyo Motor Show. Love the tartan seats.


In other news this week:

  • The $135,000 Detroit Electric sports car: “unlike any the industry has ever seen”, says Detroit News. Hmmm… looks somewhat Lotus-like, to me, and all resemblances to the Tesla plan are surely coincidental. More on its unveiling and some of the start-up’s background here, anyway. A few things not quite adding up – deliveries in August when they don’t even have a production site as yet? – but the battery buy-back plan sounds sensible. Production of 999 SP:01 coupes planned, with a homegrown sports car and a family car to follow once they’ve raised the cash.
  • Meanwhile Tesla is intending a 200-mile range for its next-generation Roadster, which will “push the envelope beyond what anyone else is doing”, George Blankenship tells Autocar.
  • Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, speaking at the Open Garage talks, Stanford University, this week: thinks that car-sharing will only account for 10% of the car market, reported Wired’s @damonlavrinc, live-tweeting from the event. Other nuggets from Ghosn via Lavrinc: present automotive system is not sustainable; wants government intervention in building EV infrastructure; oil independence “2nd biggest evolution”; autonomous-driving tech will make in-car time more productive, help the elderly (not necessarily about full autonomy but lessening demands on driver); “no more room for emissions-producing vehicles in major cities”;  EV range anxiety will go away when there are charging stations on each corner (!); “when it comes to connectivity and autonomous vehicles automakers can’t do it alone”. Will look out for full report @WiredAutopia.
  • BMW X4 (the scaled-down X6 coupe-crossover): plug-in hybrid version to be offered, reports Autocar, with turbo 3.0-litre straight-six plus electric motor.
  • News on the latest SIM-Drive developments: the third prototype from the Japanese EV start-up, SIM-CEL, is up and running. It’s an ultra-aerodynamic two-seater said to give a range of 201 miles, featuring four in-wheel motors capable of delivering 0-62mph in 4.2 seconds. A stage nearer to a production model scheduled for 2015, reports Autoblog Green, which has video of it in action.
  • Of the 3million tonnes of tyres discarded each year in the EU, a horrific 65-70% go to landfill. An EU programme is now developing a process to recycle waste car tyres to produce synthetic gas, with a useful by-product of silicon carbide, used in a number of industries. More here.
  • Fuel sales fell 9% in the UK in the last 5 years, according to the AA. That’s a rise in diesel, but a 20% fall in petrol, as buyers switch to more economical (and smaller) diesel vehicles; rising fuel prices also thought to be an influence as drivers cut back on their spending.

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