Concept of the Day: Applus IDIADA Volar-e

March 1, 2013 § 1 Comment

Volar-e 4There are no shortages of promises to build electric supercars, but this 1000hp, four-wheel-drive Volar-e prototype is up and running: it was demonstrated this week at the Circuit de Catalunya during the F1 test days. Developed by Applus IDIADA of Tarragona, to a European Commission tender,  it’s said to be capable of 300kph and to do 0-61mph in 3.4 seconds; it can be recharged in 15-20 minutes. A team from University Miguel Hernández (UMH), Elche, has produced an advanced wi-fi communications system for data collection and analysis. More here, video of the car in action here.

  • The average mileage of American drivers fell for the eighth year in a row in 2012: 37 miles fewer than in 2011 despite 0-3% population growth. More here at the DC Streets Blog, data from the Federal Highway Administration. (Via @mCenterDrexel).
  • Car-sharing in Austin and Philadelphia has had a setback: Austin city authorities have sent a cease-and-desist letter to SideCar, and in Philly, cars have been towed away, on the basis that users of this smartphone app are operating as unlicensed taxi drivers. More here.
  • Local news: the Brighton University e-bike trial team is inviting curious cyclists to come and check out electrically-assisted pedal power. Preston Park, 10am to 4pm, Saturday 9th March; more – and link to register – here.
  • Compressed natural gas has long been a popular fuel elsewhere in Europe, including in Germany, and Audi has opened a plant in Werlte to synthesise it and produce so-called ‘e-gas’ – synthetic methane produced through electrolysis of water, using renewable-source electricity. Audi is to show a gas-driven A3 Sportback g-tron prototype in Geneva next week, prior to a 1500-car trial. It is claiming emissions of 30g/km, even when the carbon cost of constructing the plant is taken into account. More here. Interesting, but can’t help but think that electricity can power a car directly…
  • And a hydrogen development: a new low-temperature catalytic process could be effective for use in fuel cell cars, using methanol as an energy carrier. More here.

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  • finecadmin says:

    I have derived a while ago that alternate carriers (natural gas, butane, methanol) will triangulate on hydrogen. The emergence of strong hybrids and mild plug-ins (like the Prius Plug-In) mean fuel cells can warm up enough for non-PEM technologies, and thus hydrogen infrastructure is pointless. Just like you reckon that synthetic natural gas via electrolysis is somewhat pointless.

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