And the local news bulletin…

February 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

madeira-drive-charging-point‘Scuse me while I get all parochial on you for a moment. Some interesting stats from the 2011 census have been flagged up by my local council: turns out car ownership in Brighton & Hove is the lowest (per household) anywhere in the South East, and the seventh-lowest in England & Wales. Over a third of households do not have a car at all, and fewer than 20% have more than one car (compared to 40% in the South East generally, and 32% in England & Wales as a whole). B&H has the highest proportion of people walking to work in the South East (21%), the highest growth rate in cycling (6.3% growth, to 5%) to work outside of London, and the second-highest rate of commuting by bus, coach or minibus (14%, second to Oxford). Car ownership is down to 0.86 per household (against a regional rise to 1.35 and national rise to 1.17) and car-commuting has fallen to 41% (including a tiny handful of electric cars, as pictured, perhaps). Driving is still the dominant mobility choice, however, and we locals could contend forever as to whether the motivating factors behind the recorded shifts are due to carrots (i.e. better cycle lanes – ha ha) or sticks (the city’s immense parking problems/charges, congestion) or indeed, a combination of both. More here, plus full data sets on travel to work here.

  • Brightonians still choosing to drive can nonetheless cut their fuel consumption, costs and emissions, as the council is running an eco-driver training programme supported by the Energy Savings Trust. The first sessions, with 72 residents of the Lewes Road area, saw participants complete a one-week travel diary and take a 50-minute driving lesson: they recorded fuel savings on the day of up to 33% and an average of 10% as they learnt (or relearnt) more efficient driving techniques. The scheme will next be offered to residents in the Coombe Road, Bevendean, Moulscoomb and Coldean areas: more about it here, including contacts for the Personalised Travel Planning team who are organising the courses.

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