Got iPad, don’t need car…

December 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

RoutemasterAn explicit connection has been made between use of iPads, social networking, e-commerce and declining car use by Prof. Phil Goodwin of the Centre for Transport Studies (UCL). Speaking in Cardiff this week, he cited online shopping and social media use as prime reasons for people driving less and for taking the bus (sadly not a Routemaster as pictured, any more) or a train instead so that they could continue to communicate with their friends whilst on the move. The latter trend is particularly prevalent amongst young men, who are driving less than ever. “There’s a big reduction in young men driving to visit friends and relatives, which could be a result of people using Facebook,” he said. Ties in with the other ‘peak car’ research announced ths week (see below); more on his talk here (via @charliemuss – cheers!).

  • Engineers at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute have developed an algorithm to control autonomously-driven vehicles at intersections without signals. Ismail Zohdy and Hesham Rakha will start trials at a roundabout on the Virginia Tech campus shortly. More here.

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