The Nissan taxi, BMW i3, & aftermarket plug-in conversions

August 7, 2012 § 1 Comment

But will it go south of the river? Nissan has unveiled its NV200 London Taxi, claimed to be more than 50% more fuel-efficient than the classic cabs. It has the requisite 25ft turning circle, access for disabled travellers, will seat five adult passengers and has huge sliding side doors. It features the 89bhp 1.5dCi Renault-Nissan diesel engine, which meets the Euro 5 emissions legislation, with a six-speed manual gearbox, and returns 53.3mpg, compared to the current LTI TX4’s 35.3mpg. Its CO2 output is 138g/km (the TX4 puts out 209g/km, as well as much higher particulate and NOx emissions).

The NV200 London Taxi is already doing service in New York and Tokyo.  Nissan is aiming to achieve full certification for it later this year, subject to final procedures such as crash-testing, and aims also to undercut the price of the TX4. An all-electric version is also to undergo trials.

  • Spy shots of the BMW i3 range-extended EV at Autocar; you can clearly see the high floor (to package the batteries in the underbody) and reverse-hinged doors.
  • A team from Middle Tennessee State University is working on an aftermarket plug-in hybrid conversion kit which will cost a projected $3000. It won’t be long before you can buy this stuff at Halfords… More, including video, here.

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§ One Response to The Nissan taxi, BMW i3, & aftermarket plug-in conversions

  • Yeesh, I can’t wait to see some new taxis bombing around. Whenever I see an LTI (even a brand new one) coming up towards me in Edinburgh I try to hold my breath so that I won’t have to breath the soot it leaves behind.

    An EV one would work great IMO, perhaps some inductive charging in bigger taxi ranks.. If needed. I don’t actually know how many miles a taxi typically does in a day, a decent charge with lunch may suffice.

    Either way the future’s looking better. I will miss the classic shape though, ideally LTI could bring out an efficient new model.

    Charlie –

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