Audi pulls e-tron plug

June 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Audi has pulled the plug on both the electric A2 city car and A1 e-tron range-extender projects, reports Car magazine. Problems of building the compact A2 at an acceptable price and the general costs of development, apparently, in difficult market conditions. No official statement from Audi yet on the matter. The A3 e-tron trial continues in the US, however: video posted at Autoblog Green.

  • In other news today: GE Capital Fleet Services – a major leasing company in the USA – has opened an Innovation Centre in Minnesota where fleet buyers, industry groups and researchers can test-drive EVs and hybrids on a special track and check out other technologies. More at Inside Line. Shows how a sector of the US auto industry is taking e-mobility seriously.
  • DIY EV of the day: the EVGT-40, a replica of the you-know-what. Seems appropriate in the run-up to Le Mans; video at Technologic Vehicles, which also has more on the PGO e-Hemera (a 356-alike), pics/a video clip of a prototype electric/range-extended with fuel cell SUV called Inmares e-Cross (looks like a Dakar Rally-er), and the lowdown on the Renault Fluence’s Korean-market sister model, the Samsung SM3 ZE, which will be compatible with the Better Place battery-swap system.
  • Toyota is to start testing a vehicle-to-home (V2H) comms system with the Prius Plug-In, which will explore the storage of excess electricity generated by a house’s solar panels in the car’s batteries, the integration of the car into a home energy management system and the use of the Prius Plug-In as a generator in times of grid outage. More at Green Car Congress.

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