Concept of the Day: Siemens Roding Roadster Electric

May 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Siemens has released new video footage of its Roding Roadster Electric project. The car – a collaboration with Bavaria’s Roding Automobile, which sells the Roadster in ICE form – was first seen at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in January; it showcases Siemens’ electric drivetrain tech including in-wheel hub motors with a regenerative braking system capable of recovering 70% of decelerative energy. It’s good for up to 160kph, apparently.

  • More new video today: Technologic Vehicles has a short film about Vincent Montreuil’s I Love Bikes At Amsterdam project for Local Motors, a concept for a bike-friendly city EV which could integrate with two-wheeled traffic in the city. This modular ‘mini (theoretically) features Michelin’s Active Wheel in-wheel motors, and Montreuil proposes that it could be sold or leased in schemes based on ‘points’ for bike, bus or EV use.
  • Autocar’s Steve Cropley has driven both the Gordon Murray T.25 and its electric sister model, the T.27. An enthusiastic reception, “revolutionary and endearing” is the conclusion.
  • And at the flip end of the EV scale, Treehugger has pics of some DIY vehicles displayed at the San Fran Bay Area Maker Faire 2012 (plus the Stanford University Solar Car).

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