Concept of the Day #2: ECOmove QBEAK – update

May 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

More news today on the ECOmove QBEAK: the Danish start-up has produced its first full-body model and says that it is going to get its first running prototypes out on the road within the year. “ECOmove’s designers and engineers have rethought the e-car concept from scratch”, it says, “and the result is a unique and handy city car formed and equipped as a future means of transportation.” The flexible, modular chassis allows for different body configurations, and “can be converted to make room for your mountain bike, the dogs, your golf gear, or a trip to the DIY shop or IKEA”. Load space is generous, or it can accommodate a family in up to six removable seats. Tech spec released so far includes in-wheel motors, a smartphone-based communications system, a top speed of 120kph and a range of 300km. More details, full release and picture gallery here.

*Incidentally, I’m labelling some of these posts ‘Concept of the Day’ and others ‘Design Concept of the Day’. It’s a subjective distinction, but ‘Design’… ones are more speculative (and include student projects, etc) or only ever intended as one-offs, whilst the others are usually working prototypes or running technological test-platforms, or stand (in my opinion) a fairly decent chance of making into onto the road. Does that make sense?


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