Design Concept of the Day: Toyota Town Spider

May 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

How great is this? 1973, and Toyota was already making “an attempt to solve the problem of modern traffic through modern communication” – traffic and weather alerts, in-car phones, connections to a “central computerized control center” (click on pic to zoom in on full text). And yes, it was conceived as a city commuting vehicle with the possiblity of an electric powertrain; it was capable of a theoretical 45km/h, according to a Top Trumps-style German card game. Not quite sure why it’s called a ‘Spider’ when it has a fixed roof, however, unless that’s a reference to its web-building capabilities – though it does foreshadow the doorless Renault Twizy by nearly 40 years. Thanks to toyoddity and Alden Jewell for alerting me to this one. It’s on a similar tip to the Daihatsu BCX II (1972), I think, though it has more of a proper-car feel to it.

PS: Looks as if it was a follow-up to this little bubble car, the super-’60s EX-II (1969).


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