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May 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

EV racer of the day: British motoring writer/TV presenter Jonny Smith (pictured) is hot-rodding a 1974 Enfield 8000, an oil-crisis special built in small numbers on the Isle of Wight. Follow his progress at Flux Capacitor, where you’ll also find a full history of the car, early experiments by the likes of Seeboard into e-mobility and a timely reminder that there ain’t nothin’ new under the sun, etc etc.

  • Is there Ample room in this? The Ample Eo is a tandem-seating ‘four-wheeled motorcycle’ built by Chinese firm Ample International, on show at EVS26 in Los Angeles. Autoblog Green has pics and the lowdown.
  • Audi has opened a new battery lab near Ingolstadt to develop next-gen lithium-ion tech. 100 engineers have been hired, and the facility will design, test and build cells, modules, batteries, hardware, software and full systems, including those for the upcoming R8 e-tron and A1 e-tron test fleets (AutoTech Daily).
  • How does the Better Place EV battery-swapping system work in practice? Green Car Reports has been to Israel to check it out. Was Nikki converted?
  • The EV Casebook looks at best practice in 16 world cities to encourage EV adoption – municipal fleets, charging facilities, incentives and legislation, etc. And reading this makes me want to re-visit Portland, Oregon. More about it all at Forbes (thanks, @keith_johnston, for the link).
  • A last-minute hybrid: spy photos and the latest on the Porsche 918 Spyder at Autocar this morning.

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