Design Concept of the Day: One World EV

April 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Something not at Beijing, and we’ll forgive it the slightly Bob Marley-esque name. This is the latest image from the folks at Pembroke-based consultancy EV Innovations of their ‘flat-pack’ EV, a modular design which can be shipped anywhere in the world, hand-assembled with local labour and simple tools, and customised for local needs. It can form the basis of anything from a two-seater city car, four-door family hatch, six-seat taxi or a light van, and can be certified for sale in Europe, the US, South America, Africa and Asia. EV Innovations has also developed the electric Bluebird City light van, and its further plans include Project Wildfire, said to be a range of fun ‘lifestyle’ EVs; the first of these will be an SUV, due for release at the end of the year. Follow @EV_Innovations for the news.

In other news today:

  • Some 12,000 auto engineers have descended upon Detroit for the annual SAE Congress, and EVs are a major point of discussion. General Electric is committed to their future, said its chairman in the keynote speech. More at Detroit News.
  • At SAE, engineers get to present papers on their innovations and proposals. Pinnacle Engines reported developments on its high-compression spark-ignition, opposed-piston four-stroke engine, featuring ‘sleeve valve’ architecture, and said that it’s returning 30-60% fuel economy improvements at light load compared to a conventional poppet-valve engine, and 12-30% improvements at medium load. The engine comes in two versions, a simple-spec variant suitable for light vehicles such as scooters and tuk-tuks, and a more complex variable-compression and variable-valvetrain version for automotive use. A 110cc prototype has been tested as well as the 250cc version detailed in the paper, and Pinnacle has signed a joint-development and licensing agreement with an Asian manufacturer. Full details at Green Car Congress, which also has the lowdown on a presentation about alternative engine concepts including the Scuderi split-cycle and Achates opposed-piston two-stroke, plus news on another split-cycle concept from Tour Engine.
  • Protean Electric, which makes in-wheel motors, is working with a number of European suppliers to accelerate high-volume production. Partners include FEV, Mahle Powertrain and Alcon. More at Green Car Congress.

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