Design Concept of the Day: Delphi-Sbarro F1for3

March 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Concept car visionary Franco Sbarro has worked with Delphi to produce the three-seat F1for3 concept, showcasing Delphi’s car-to-x wireless communications tech and multiple communications services combined into a single streamlined module. Features include high-quality in-car digital TV streaming, a multi-layered internet/sat nav display system and gesture controls. It’ll stream TV and internet data to a smartphone or tablet, with seamless connectivity promised even in areas with poor reception. This is the latest iteration of Delphi’s MyFi entertainment/communications hub, an open-architecture platform compatible with Bluetooth, wifi, USB inputs, voice recognition and hands-free, smart phone apps, remote servers and cloud-based services, says Delphi, and is a low-power solution which reduces energy consumption, weight and necessary space for packaging. Full lowdown here, and more here. “In our 24/7 world, being connected at work, at home, and on the go is a way of life”, Delphi notes.

No details on the car’s powertrain system, if indeed it has one at all, but an electric-drive system would be an educated guess. Delphi develops and supplies a range of hybrid and EV products, and Sbarro has made many an EV concept, including the IntenCity shown in Geneva earlier this month. The IntenCity is a tandem two-seater with lift-up windscreen canopy, a tubular frame chassis with composite body panels, and a 100kW powertrain; it’s another take on the 21st-century bubble car theme.

Snippets of news and general happenings today:

  • Nissan’s going to update the LEAF for the 2013 model-year, at least in the US. Leather upholstery will be offered, a darker interior, and a more efficient heater which will, in turn, help improve cold-weather range. More at Detroit News.
  • A select few have been on-track in the Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid prototype. Detailed story, great pictures here at Insideline, amongst others. And Porsche is going to build a plug-in hybrid Panamera from 2014, reports Automotive News Europe.
  • Spy shots of the super-lightweight, super-efficient plug-in hybridVolkswagen XL1 at Autoblog Green. Styling’s still resembling last year’s concept, no further news on the two-cylinder diesel engine/lithium-ion battery and motor powertrain.
  • Californian EV start-up Coda has delivered its first three cars to customers, after delays and numerous glitches; pics of happy new Sedan owners at Autoweek.
  • Consumer Reports is compiling a lengthy list of glitches with the Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid. Ouch. But do Karma buyers care what CR thinks? A UK equivalent would be Which? criticising a Tesla Roadster: Which? readers are highly unlikely to be considering purchasing one, Tesla buyers are equally unlikely to consult Which? for its opinion. Either way, possibly not the PR disaster some are claiming.
  • Plans are afoot to reintroduce trams to Los Angeles, reports Treehugger, as part of the ongoing drive to regenerate the downtown area. Cue many, many headlines about streetcars, desire, etc.

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