Geneva Motor Show Concept of the Day: Valmet Dawn

March 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Valmet Automotive – which builds the Karma for Fisker in Finland, amongst other contracts – is showing off its EV engineering skills in Geneva with a concept called Dawn. This low-slung roadster, with open-mouthed grille incorporating what appears to be an induction-charging system (either that, or it’s a hob for cooking whilst on the move), displays Valmet’s battery pack, drivetrain, control unit, charging and vehicle integration capabilities. Full-size pictures and press release posted at Autoblog Green.

In other news today:

  • Renault’s collecting votes in its Design A Twizy competition; ten student finalists have been selected, and the closing date’s 30th March. The winner will get a year’s tuition fees paid, so support the poor starving student (ha!) of your choice.
  • I’m liking the Invisible Mercedes video: M-B is promoting its zero-tailpipe-emissions B-Class F-Cell by covering the car with LED mats on one side and a camera on the other, so images of what it’s passing are projected onto the LED-side. We won’t go down the how-do-you-extract-hydrogen-without-emissions route today and spoil the fun (OK, I know that’s an old link and reference. Problem’s not been cracked yet, though).
  • Congratulations have to go today to Nikki at Green Car Reports for managing to combine two of my great preoccupations in life – EVs and bluegrass music – into one news story. Nissan sponsors a Tennessee telly show called Bluegrass Underground, which is filmed in a cave (yes, really), and of course, you don’t want exhaust fumes and flammable fuels down there, so they’re supplying LEAFs to ferry the performers, crew and all their kit to the stage.

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