Pininfarina Cambiano; hybrid Routemaster bus on the road, more Monday news

February 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

The Pininfarina Cambiano concept – to be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show – has four 79bhp electric in-wheel motors and a diesel turbine, reports Autocar. It’s claimed to have an all-electric range of 125 miles before the turbine kicks in as a generator, and can do 170mph and 0-62mph in 4.2 seconds. Pictures leaked so far show a 1+2 door layout with a single large driver’s side door and a rear-hinged rear door on the passenger side; there’s a glass roof and LED headlights. Pictures have also emerged of the Infiniti e-Merge (sorry).

  • The first new diesel-electric hybrid Routemaster buses has started operation in London; nice interactive guide at the Guardian. Less than half the carbon dioxide emissions and half the nitrous oxide of their diesel-only equivalents, 40% more efficient; full press release here. Eight of these purpose-designed double-deckers will be in service by the end of May.
  • Tokyo police have been testing the use of their Mitsubishi i-MiEVs as power sources: the EVs were able to keep 20 traffic lights going for 2 hours, which could be useful in the event of outages, reports
  • Volvo, Goteborg Energi, Ericsson and the Viktoria Institute have teamed up to develop mobile connectivity for EVs: the ELVIIS (electric vehicle intelligent infra-structure) system uses GPS data for car-to-grid communications, billing for electricity usage, pre-set timings for charging and smartphone alerts on a car’s state of charge. Volvo is testing the app in five of its C30 Electric prototypes; the company plans to have 250 electric C30s up and running this summer in a three- to four-year trial.
  • California’s Envia Systems has developed a lithium-ion cell which could halve the cost of a battery and give an electric car a range of 300 miles, reports The Charging Point. The cell’s energy density is improved three-fold – and it could be in production within eighteen months.

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