Clandestine hybrid, electric van grants, Geneva EV previews and solar bus stops

February 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Despite being a Guardian-reading peacenik, I do have an interest in military vehicles. Am liking the US Army’s new Clandestine Extended-Range Vehicle (CERV) which has an all-electric mode and an eight mile range in which it can all-electrically creep around being, well, quiet and clandestine. It’s a light armoured buggy with a Quantum-developed diesel-electric hybrid powertrain: a 1.4-litre engine, 75kW generator and over 5000lb ft-worth of torque. Fuel savings are around the 25% mark and it can still do 80mph and climb 60-degree slopes.

  • The first seven vans to be eligible for the government’s Plug-In Van grants – up to 20% of their purchase price, or £8000 – have been announced. Some unfamiliar names here: we know the Azure Dynamics Transit Connect Electric, the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell, the Mia-electric Mia U, Renault Kangoo ZE and Smith Edison SE2 and SE 3, but the Faam Ecomile and Jolly 2000 – Italian micro-vans – were  new to me.
  • A Czech company called EVC is converting the Skoda Roomster to battery power; two conversions offered, R3 (41hp, 110km/ph top speed, range of 140km) and R7 (88hp, 170km/ph, 175km). Both cars to be launched at Geneva Motor Show, more details thanks to Technologic Vehicles.
  • Another Geneva EV preview: quadricycle-maker Volteis is to unveil a Philippe Starck-designed minimalist concept car, reports Technologic Vehicles (again). “I wanted to offer an alternative. A different answer so we can return to the minimalist definition of a vehicle. A simple vehicle. Almost a breeze. With four wheels. A steering wheel. And electricity. A vehicle there to transport. To carry people and luggages,” says Starck  (as quoted by TechVehicles. I like the translation of  “luggages”, which gives a perfect sense of plural items). No picture yet.
  • Nice solar induction-charging concept for buses, developed by Dutch firm Studio Mango for the city of Noord-Brabant, outlined at Smart Planet. Can’t see it working here, though – when did I last see a bus shelter which hadn’t been vandalised?

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