Design Concept of the Day: Tata eMO

January 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here’s another EV concept on display in Detroit this week, featuring on the Michelin Challenge Design stand alongside the Honda P-NUT (2009), original  Renault Zoe ZE concept and the individual entries in the Challenge (story to follow on these).

The eMO (electro-MObility, of course) is the first ground-up, complete-car design from Tata Technologies, a division of the Indian engineering giant which also owns Jaguar Land Rover, and it “symbolises the coming of age of Indian automotive engineering”, according to president/COO Warren Harris. The India-based company has engineering centres in Detroit, Coventry and Stuttgart as well as in Pune,  and eMO is a study to highlight their capabilities to develop an eco-conscious, low-cost car for both developing and established markets.

Its design in itself is clever but not unusual, with a boxy exterior, near-vertical rear window and short overhangs to maximise interior space; it seats four adults and the articulated rear seats tip up to form a van-like load bay. The innovation’s more in its production – Tata Technologies says that it can be made and finished without a traditional paint and body shop, making it both cheap to build and less carbon-intensive.


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