Design Concept of the Day: Nissan Pivo3

November 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Nissan is to unveil a nearer-to-production Pivo concept at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of the month, reports Automotive News. The Pivo3 – successor to concepts shown in 2005 and 2007 – is a bubble car-style city runaround with a super-tight turning circle, though it can’t quite pivot entirely on its axis like its predecessors. It features in-wheel motors which allow each wheel to be turned independently, plus an automatic valet parking system – it can park itself in specially-designated spaces and recharge its battery, and will return to pick up its owner when summoned by smart-phone. It’s “very close to what the next step in urban mobility will be”, says Nissan.

  • Full story of my RAC Future Car Challenge experience here, btw. Was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to drive the Prius Plug-In myself (well, the celebs always have to take precedence) but a good day out nonetheless.
  • Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn has confirmed production – albeit small-scale – of a version of the XL1 streamliner (below) by 2013. He told Automotive News Europe that the two-seater, which weighs only 795kg and which returns over 280mpg, will go into limited manufacture. The XL1 features an 800cc two-cylinder diesel engine, seven-speed gearbox, electric motor and lithium-ion battery in its 74hp hybrid powertrain – and is said to be capable of 0-60 in about 12 seconds. It has a range of nearly 550km, with 35km in all-electric mode.

  • And Toyota has confirmed limited production of a fuel cell vehicle; just a few thousand a year, however, with price tags of some 100,000 euros… (Automotive News Europe).
  • Heavy-duty truck-makers Peterbilt and Kenworth have teamed up with Capstone Turbine to develop a hybrid powertrain for their load-haulers, using Capstone’s C65 microturbines in place of a conventional engine. Press release posted at AutoblogGreen.
  • Toyota has won the 2011 Green Manufacturing Award from the World Trade Group, due to the energy-efficiency of its plants at Burnaston and Deeside (Next Green Car).
  • Daihatsu says its e:S tech gives fuel economy savings of up to 40%; in the Mira city car, weight has been reduced by 60kg, enabling it to return over 70mpg. Detail-changes to the car include lighter seat frames and thinner door trim, plus a more efficient CVT gearbox which operates at lower hydraulic pressure; aerodynamics have been optimised as well, and there’s stop-start plus regenerative braking. Engine tweaks include modified piston rings, oil seals and timing chains. Such measures will next be applied to the Move and Tanto models (Autobeat Daily).
  • More on the hybrid Mitsubishi Evo at Automotive News – in-wheel motors under consideration.

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