Design Concept of the Day: StreetScooter

October 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

This is the car designed by over 50 companies: the StreetScooter was created in an open-source project managed by a team based at Aachen University. Software developers, parts suppliers and supplier firms all pitched in to develop this 74mph EV which uses leased batteries for an 80-mile range. This first concept car took just a year to create, say the project leaders, thanks to the non-hierarchical, collaborative approach. Partners in the programme include Deutsche Post DHL, which has already ordered 3,500 to its own specification, reports Wired Autopia.

The StreetScooter is built around a modular structure which allows for different bodystyles, and which can be customised or changed later in the vehicle’s lifecycle;  the initial concept is a 3+1-seater, but other bodystyles under development include a convertible and a utility van. Prototypes will go into action in Germany in spring 2013, and a sale price of around 5000 euros is targeted; the StreetScooter is also specifically designed to be cheap and easy to assemble. Video of its presentation (with English subtitles) here; another of its Frankfurt Motor Show debut here.


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