Design Concept of the Day: Citroen CCrab

October 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here’s a handy concept for the city: the three-seater CCrab has wheels which turn independently so it can scuttle sideways – out of a tight spot in a traffic jam, perhaps, or into a tiny parking space. It’s the work of RCA Automotive Design MA student Juha-Pekka Rautio, created in a project overseen by Citroen to help develop a new design language for EVs. Citroen’s taking notes, apparently (

  • In other news: The joint BMW-PSA Peugeot Citroen hybrid/EV R&D centre has opened in Munich. The 100million-euro centre, BMW Peugeot Citroen Electrification, is to develop electric powertrains, batteries, motors, power electronics and energy management software, on an ‘open technology’ basis which will involve suppliers in the product development and purchasing processes. It will work with a factory in Mulhouse, France, which is to start production in 2014, and components will be sold to other carmakers (Autobeat Europe).
  • Citroen’s working on a low-cost city car known as ‘3CV’, reports Car. There’s been much talk of a successor to the 2CV pretty well since the original was finally discontinued, but 3CV comes 2013, says the mag, and could be a hybrid. It probably won’t look like the CCrab, though.
  • Chinese car-maker BYD has opened its North American HQ in Los Angeles, about a year later than originally planned; the introduction of the e6 electric hatchback has also been delayed, and will not now arrive for another 18 months (Bloomberg, via AutoBeat Asia).
  • A viable hydrogen fuelling infrastructure is still along way off in the UK, says Fleet News.
  • Fisker and Tesla have responded – somewhat scathingly – to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s claims that the federal loans they received as ‘green’ start-ups were influenced by donations to the Democrat campaign and examples of “cronyism and outright corruption.” Both deny political connections and point out that they’re creating jobs for Americans… Expect this one to run for a while. More at Detroit News and, finding further fault with Romney’s calculations, Grist.
  • Truck-maker Scania has unveiled a new ‘global engine platform’ for heavy-duty engines which can meet Euro 6 emissions requirements and run on 100% biodiesel. More at Green Car Congress.

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