Design Concept of the Day: Nissan NSH-2012, plus Michelin tech

October 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Nissan is displaying a concept called NSH-2012 at a tech exhibition in Japan this week; it’s a “smart house” structure designed to be energy-independent in the event of a natural disaster or an emergency, such as an earthquake and/or fallout from Fukushima. It’s said to be shock-resistant, thanks to an aircraft fuselage-like structure, and works in parallel with the Leaf-to-Home charging system so the car acts as a battery back-up; it’s part of an ‘Energy Community’ exhibit showcasing self-sufficient cottages, rental cars, a health centre and a food stand, with solar, fuel cell and wind power. More at Wired Autopia.

  • Michelin has displayed four ‘sustainable mobility’ concepts at the ADEME forum in Paris, an event organised by the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (sorry, no pictures yet). That’s besides supplying the in-wheel motors for the PSA Peugeot-Citroen VELV (see below). The Forewheel EV uses Michelin’s Active Wheel tech in which the motor, active suspension and brakes are integrated in two or four of the wheels; the Velroue is a hybrid based on the Renault Kangoo with electric motors driving the rear wheels to give an all-electric mode for city use; the ELLISUP is a 12m-long bus with lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors and motors in its wheels (developed in partnership with Irisbus; and Michelin is also involved with a project called F-City H2, a fuel cell/range extender battery-powered drivetrain. These projects have been part-funded by ADEME since 2009.
  • First drive stories are out from BMW’s e-extravaganza in Berlin this week (I wasn’t invited, boo). Autocar’s finding the 1-Series ActiveE a little “underwhelming” at first but fun to drive nonetheless.
  • The EV Cup – or at least, the remaining two races this year in California, after the UK plans were stalled – has been cancelled altogether for 2011, says Green Car Reports, with further events “held off indefinitely”. Neither the cars nor the organisers are ready, apparently, they foresaw problems shipping the cars from the UK, and the imminent launch of Formula E can’t have helped. Statement at the EV Cup Facebook page.
  • GE has unveiled solar-powered EV charging stations-cum-car-ports, which can charge up to 10 cars at a time; pics at BusinessGreen. Developed in partnership with Inovateus Solar, they’ve got full link-up and integration with smart-grid systems.

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