Design Concept of the Day #2: MUTE

September 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Meanwhile, back in the real world. The Technical University of Munich (TUM) presented this one at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Developed  by over 200 staff and students from 20 departments in TUM’s Science Centre for Electromobility, it marks the start of the new Munich School for Engineering. MUTE is all-electric and designed for low-cost mass production; it’s a roomy two-seater with luggage space and it weighs only 500kg. Its 15kW motor takes it to 120kph, and it combines a lithium-ion battery (giving a range of at least 100km) with a zinc-air ‘reserve’ battery extending the range further.

TUM says that, with its sporty suspension and active torque-vectoring differential, MUTE gives “good cornering stability and excellent driving performance.” It has stability control, and is developed to be both crash-safe and comfy; it is built around an aluminium frame with a CFRP chassis. With a view to further weight- and cost-saving, all non-essential user interfaces (ie audio, navigation) are controlled via a central touchpad, and functions such as charging and communications can be operated via smartphone. Full story – including video – at the MUTE website; thanks to @GreenCarReports.

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