Design Concept of the Day: Rimac Automobili Concept One

September 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Can’t make up my mind whether this is vapourware* or viable – but whether or not it goes on to be commercially successful, there’s genuine innovation and imaginative thinking in Rimac’s Concept One, if it can live up to the promises. This much-teased supercar – 1650kg, 1088bhp, 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds plus a 600km range – boasts four independent sub-powertrain units, one per wheel, to give all-wheel torque vectoring; Mate Rimac (apparently just 23 years old; would it be condescending to call him a wunderkind engineer?) developed the system from his super-quick test-lab ‘Green Monster’ e-M3, a familiar vehicle on the European eco-rally scene.

The body’s carbonfibre, the interior designed by ex-Pininfarina stylists, and it’s kitted out with head-up displays and state-of-the-art entertainment/communications kit. It looks as if there’s some serious investment behind this project, too, and Rimac is working with a team of 20 designers and engineers at a base near Zagreb, Croatia. They’re planning production of 88 cars, with the first deliveries in 2013. More, including video, at the Rimac Automobili website. Car looks the part, too, as the photographs from the Frankfurt Motor Show suggest.

*Looks a lot more of a realistic proposition than some other ground-breaking supercar concepts which have tested credibility in recent years, anyway. Does anyone remember the gas-turbine Project 1221? Don’t know why that suddenly came to mind; and indeed, it’s very unfair on Rimac to hint at any comparison.




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