Random Monday musings

September 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

The calm before the Frankfurt Motor Show storm (or Hurricane Katia: it’s pretty damn windy round here today). Time to throw in a parochial pic before the international news onslaught; just to note that, for the first time, I’ve spotted both of Brighton’s central EV charging points in use at the same time. There’s at least one Leaf in town now, and that’s the second or third G-Wiz I’ve seen. And I have it on good authority (from my mother) too that the newly-installed charging points at Withdean are being used by “those silly-looking little Noddy cars” (her words, though  I’m no fan of the G-Wiz or the other quadricycles either).

Quick round-up of today’s other random thoughts/discoveries/items of interest:

  • The Charging Point has an (edited) video of Saturday’s electric car debate at EcoVelocity.
  • Autocar’s done a road test report on the Mia Electric. Same conclusion as me, really: too expensive, too cheap-feeling, though an interesting concept. Shame.
  • I knew the Audi Urban Concept reminded me of something. Plymouth Prowler, anyone? Minus that thirsty Chrysler 3.5 V6, obviously.
  • More on this tri-motor Quimera AEGT electric supercar at Wired Autopia – car to be revealed tomorrow.
  • Wired’s also checking out the Hyundai Tucson iX FCEV (hydrogen-powered fuel cell). And reporting on research into improving driver behaviour to save fuel.
  • Nuclear power: clean, sustainable – but unsafe? First Fukushima, now (thankfully, to a lesser degree) France. No leaks, says the BBC, reporting on the fatal blast at Marcoule.

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