Design Concept of the Day: Ford Evos

August 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

It gives some clues to the future Focus – though those doors probably won’t feature on a production car. The Evos shows off Ford’s new global ‘design language’ (i.e. its key styling cues that will appear on all cars, in all markets) plus a plug-in hybrid powertrain as in the forthcoming C-MAX Energi, giving a range of over 500 miles.   It’s a four-door, four-seat fastback, with a wider-than-usual cabin and a sporty set-up.

Clever bit’s the cloud connectivity: in a development from Ford’s current SYNC system, the car can adapt its handling and powertrain responses according to the driver’s tastes and road conditions, as well as optimise its electric-drive performance using data on factors from weather and traffic levels to the driver’s work schedule. It can continue playing the same radio show you were listening to before leaving the house, close your garage door or switch off your lights; it’s car as personal assistant, says chief technical officer Paul Mascarenas, who adds that “this cloud-connected vision shows the enormous potential of tailoring the driving experience to suit the exact personal tastes and moods of the driver. From recommending a great driving road from friends on your social networks or resetting your alarm clock to let you sleep in when a morning meeting gets cancelled!” It’s that web 3.0 thing again, for those who really want their car to become a repository for all their personal preferences, details and information – though details such as adaptation of the ventilation system according to pollutant levels or presence of airborne allergens, automatic deactivation of smartphones in ‘dynamic’ driving situations and so on are indeed useful and safety-enhancing. The Evos will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in two weeks’ time.

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