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August 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Morgan Motor Company is to present two electric prototypes early next year, built in partnership with EV powertrain specialists Zytek. The rear-wheel drive cars will be based on the aluminium-chassis Aero Supersport, and – unusually – will feature a conventional manual gearbox, plus a new version of Zytek’s 70kW/94bhp/300Nm powertrain and lithium-ion batteries. The drivetrain will be installed in the transmission tunnel, and the batteries integrated into the structure. Zytek’s promising “an immediate, thrilling driving experience”, “drivability, performance and refinement that comfortably meets the expectations of Morgan’s most discerning customers”, and noting that “keeping the motor in its sweet spot will help it use energy more efficiently, which will increase the vehicle’s range. It also allows us to provide lower gearing for rapid acceleration from pull-away and higher gearing for top speed.” The programme is part-funded by a £100,000 CENEX grant via Advantage West Midlands and the Technology Strategy Board.

In other news today:

  • There’s an open-top ‘spyder’ version of the Audi urban concept car, too. Drawing looks like the hard-top minus roof, funnily enough. Will wait for proper photos before posting more on this.
  • Aptera is not dead, just moving to a new state, apparently. It’s looking at Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin or Indiana (whichever state offers the best tax-incentives, presumably) for a production facility, though its HQ will remain in Carlsbad, California, says a statement today.
  • Oregon’s good: Portland has designated a whole downtown block as ‘Electric Avenue’ for EV-charging. The data from the chargers is going to be studied to tell authorities and car-makers more about driver demand and behaviour (Detroit News).

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