Bristol Cars coming back – with range-extended EV

August 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Bristol Cars is coming back with a range-extended electric supercar, reports Evo. Earlier this year, the low-volume British luxury car-maker was bought by Kamkorp Autocraft, part of the Frazer-Nash Group – which makes extended-range electric powertrains. Kamkorp will source a base car from another manufacturer rather than develop a vehicle from the ground up, apparently, but the aim’s for an ultra-comfy four-seater capable of 200mph and 100mpge, with a decent range well beyond that of an all-electric vehicle. The car, pencilled in for 2013, would be a rival for the similarly range-extended Fisker Karma.

Evo’s citing a powertrain with twin electric motors front and rear – giving four-wheel drive – plus a mains-chargeable 14kW/h battery pack, brake energy recovery and a Wankel (rotary) engine acting as an onboard generator. No word yet as to what the donor car might be, but Evo suggests that it will have “a very sophisticated suspension system” and also that Kamkorp’s owner Kamal Siddiqi’s favourite Bristol is the 411 (pictured). Are those clues?

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