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July 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Glory hallelujah! Just days after I declared that I’d only ever seen the one EV using my nearest public charging point, I’ve spotted a second one there. One Aixam Mega City, being orange outside the Caroline of Brunswick pub, Brighton. That’s two, then…

More EV stuff: Renault’s Head of EV Programme, Andy Heiron, reckons that battery improvements have levelled out and that we’re not going to see much more range from the batteries – but that range of EVs will be improved by efficiency savings elsewhere in the vehicles, such as clever aerodynamics and improved regenerative braking. He’s cautious about the pace of development – and surprisingly guarded on the Better Place battery-swaps. Interview with Robert Llewellyn on Fully Charged, plus a look at the Renault Fluence.

  • The US government is about to compromise with car-makers on the CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) standards for 2025; latest reports at the LA Times, which posits a figure of 50mpg (US) after exemptions.
  • The phase-out of nuclear energy in Germany is going to be expensive, reports Der Spiegel – especially given the growing demand for power, some of that from increased numbers of electric cars. Detailed look at the wider implications of renewable sources.
  • But it’s not all about electricity! BMW has announced plans today for a $1million project to  study the synthesis of hydrogen from waste methane gas generated at a local landfill plant near its facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina (Motor Trend). Don’t forget the fuel cells.

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