Daihatsu A-Concept and other news

July 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Daihatsu has unveiled its supermini-sized A-Concept at the Indonesia Motor Show. It’s intended as a ‘world car’, reports Paul Tan, and could preview the promised super-efficient ’30km/l’ (85.6mpg) car scheduled for launch this autumn. It’ll feature Daihatsu’s ‘E:S Technology’, including weight-saving measures and detailed efficiency enhancements throughout the powertrain (more on these at Green Car Congress). Whether it comes to Europe or the UK will probably depend on the strength of the yen and exchange rates with the euro/pound, though it- or its technology – may come here under the Toyota brand (Toyota is a majority shareholder in Daihatsu).

Daihatsu has also unveiled a two-cylinder, direct-injection, turbocharged engine, which also features exhaust gas recirculation and stop-start. It’s a 660cc developing 63bhp, and it will first be seen in the Move mini-MPV in September. Expect more such examples of downsizing; fuel cells to follow from Daihatsu (Paul Tan).

  • In other news: Think Global has been bought by Russian enterpreneur Boris Zingarevich, investor in battery-maker Ener1. Zingarevich has signed a memorandum of understanding both with Ener1 and the Finnish engineering consultancy/production contractor Valmet Automotive, which has been building the Think EVs, and plans to relaunch the bankrupt brand. His statement today: “Having achieved the position of one of the world’s most highly regarded electric vehicle products, the THINK brand is a valuable asset that deserves to continue its key role in the global shift to electrification. With the potential of working with the leading American automotive lithium-ion battery maker and Europe’s top automobile engineering and manufacturing company, I believe we could have exactly the right combination and value chain to ensure that the brand will be increasingly competitive in the worldwide electric vehicle market.”
  • GM is planning to put its EN-V electric pod-cars into production in 2020, reports Autocar.
  • Oxford’s YASA Motors is moving to larger premises in Milton Park. The company is working on its next-generation axial flux motor, is supplier to companies including Westfield (for the upcoming iRacer), Delta Motorsports (for the E-4 electric coupe), Morgan Motor Company and  TTX GP electric superbikes, and is collaborating with Sweden’s Electroengine.

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