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July 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Peugeot has unveiled a new member of its 508 family: the 508 RXH, a crossover-style diesel-electric hybrid higher-riding than the 508 SW estate. This has a 200bhp powertrain with an all-electric mode, four-wheel drive and a CO2 output of just 109g/km; fuel economy is 67.2mpg. It’ll be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show this autumn and will go on sale spring 2012.

  • Singapore is extending an EV test programme till the end of 2013. The $16million programme is to develop charging and support infrastructure and subsidise fleet purchases; 20 Mitsubishi i-MiEVs and cars supplied by Daimler and Renault-Nissan are on trial (Autobeat Asia).
  • Waste Management Inc of Houston, Texas, has made its 1000th rubbish-fuelled garbage truck: this vehicle, powered by natural gas derived from methane, will go to work in Long Beach, California, where it will run on biogas from landfill sites (LA Times).
  • VINCI Autoroutes is partnering with Renault to set up EV recharging facilities at motorway services in France. Renault is to provide VINCI with vehicles for its own fleet.
  • Good results from the 45-vehicle West Midlands CABLED EV trial: users were satisfied that electric vehicles met their everyday needs. 77% of journeys were for less than 20 minutes and only 2% used more than 50% of their charge; more at The Engineer.
  • The Hybrid X team from West Philadelphia High School (semifinalists in last year’s Automotive XPrize) won the Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen last weekend: their car, a Factory Five GTM kit car with biodiesel-drinking 1.9-litre Volkswagen engine and electric-drive system, returned 160mpg in the 100-mile event. More at EV World.
  • New York City authorities are adding 70 electric-drive vehicles to their fleets: 20 Chevy Volts, 20 all-electric Ford Transit Connect vans, and 10 Navistar E-Star trucks. That brings the total of municipal EVs up to 430 (Green Car Congress).
  • Here’s an offer: the city of Murcia, Spain, is giving away lifetime free passes for public transport to people getting rid of their cars (Treehugger).
  • Detailed feature on the GM ENV-1 (Electric Networked Vehicle) concepts at the Charging Point. I want a go in one! Is this the future of urban mobility?

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