Design Concept of the Day: Box

July 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Box is, indeed, exactly that: a box on wheels. Conceived as a vehicle for a London car-share scheme, it’s utilitarian transport stripped down to its essentials, a Smart Fortwo-sized runaround which can carry four or two plus lots of luggage. An EV, it has a top speed of 35mph and a range of 25 miles – all you’d need around London. And cleverly, rather than having many of its expensive control functions and gadgets built in, data such as speed, navigation, state of battery charge and even an audio system is displayed via smartphone.

Its designers, recent RCA graduates James Brooks and Richard Bone, spoke to 100 city residents and car-share firm Zipcar to work out this “honest” solution to the problem of getting around London. Having set up their own consultancy, Brooks & Bone, they’re now looking for funding to build a working prototype. A model of Box will also be on display at the London Transport Museum for a year. Could this be the four-wheeled alternative to the Boris bikes? (New York Times, via Ecofriend).


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