Monday newsbriefs

July 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Europcar is to add the Opel/Vauxhall Ampera to its rental fleet. First roll-out is in Germany in November, with Belgium and the Netherlands to follow, and France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK next year.

  • BMW is developing an efficient, clean but high-powered turbocharged three-cylinder, 1500cc engine, to go first in the Mini Mk3 and new entry-level BMW hatch, reports Autocar. It’ll be capable of emitting just 95g/km.
  • More feedback from the Mini E trial, and some debate on electric cars, at The Guardian this morning. This being the Guardian, most detractors so far are of the changing-the-energy-source-doesn’t-solve-the-problem-that-is-the-car variety, not the climate changer-deniers. Encouraged by the feedback from one user who started commuting by Mini E instead of public transport…
  • By the time I get to Phoenix… it will be well-served for EV charging points. Service-provider Ecotality is planning to install 2,100 in Phoenix and Tuscson, Arizona, by September.
  • More on the projected growth of the microcar/quadricycle market at Much demand from ‘Generation Y’ is expected.
  • Scottish Borders Council has set up a three-car pool fleet for its social workers, who will now get around in electric Citroen C-Zeros. And others in the area will benefit: SBC’s grant from the Scottish goverment has also paid for “a network” (they don’t say how many) of public-access charging points in the area between Edinburgh and the English border.
  • Citroen is adding new C3 and C4 models to its line-up which emit less than 100g/km of carbon dioxide and have improved fuel economy; the C3s feature the HDI 70bhp engine and the C4 the e-HDI 110.
  • Nissan has started testing a solar charging system, with lithium-in batteries to store energy on-site, at its HQ in Yokohama. It’ll power the seven charging stations at the facility, with enough juice to run 1800 Leafs a year (Green Car Congress).



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