Design Concept of the Day: Renault Frendzy

July 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Renault’s Frendzy concept is a compact work van/family car, and perhaps a hint at the next-generation Kangoo line-up. Created under the direction of Laurens van den Acker, it has an assymmetric body structure with one conventional door and one sliding door on the passenger side, but centre-opening doors on the driver’s, meant to give optimum versatility for work use or family comfort and practicality.

The interior can be configured as a load-space or a people-carrier with rear bench seat, and the Frendzy is designed to adapt between work mode and family mode – represented by selectable mood lighting settings. High-tech touches doubling as office-on-wheels and family entertainment include an external screen which could display messages (such as a company name), a touch-screen games console or video screen, a Blackberry Playbook and a 37-inch screen on the sliding rear door; there are also magnetic load-anchoring points, door-mounted sensors which can monitor payloads and the loading of tagged items (to track deliveries, for example), and an adaptable fabric roof panel that can accommodate odd-shaped loads.

Frendzy features the same electric powertrain as the Kangoo ZE, and the charging point of the Zoe; it was designed from scratch as an EV. It also has two distinctive simulated engine sounds to alert pedestrians – one representing its work mode and the other leisure-time.

The Frendzy will be on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show this autumn.


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