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July 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

BMW’s Vision EfficientDynamics coupe concept – aka the early stages of the i8 – is to star in Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, to be released mid-December. Tom Cruise, playing Ethan Hunt, will take the wheel of this plug-in hybrid, due to hit production itself in “a few years”. Ian Robertson, BMW Board Member for Sales and Marketing, says: “We are thrilled to be involved again in another Hollywood blockbuster… With its futuristic design and large glass surfaces, the car offers a fascinating perspective on the future of sheer driving pleasure – in combination with maximum efficiency. Also with BMW ConnectedDrive technology, it is the perfect car for Ethan Hunt to outsmart his pursuers through narrow streets and busy city traffic.”

  • Boije Overbrink and his ‘Mean Green’ hybrid Volvo truck have set three new speed records. Mean Green reached an average 115.349km/h on the standing 500m, 152.253km/h for the standing 1000m, and 218.780km/h for the flying kilometre on its runs at Hultsfred Airport, Sweden. The truck had to cover 1000m in all-electric mode for the records to be valid.
  • Stop-start or microhybrid tech will feature in 52-55% of all new cars by 2016, according to figures from Johnson Controls. It’s currently in about 10% (Wards Auto).
  • DIY EV of the Day (a revival!): a 1996 electrified Chevrolet Corvette (at AutoblogGreen).
  • An 3.7% fall in average CO2 emissions from cars sold in the EU last year, according to the latest figures. Now down to 140g/km, and on target to meet 130g/km in 2015.
  • Latest on the Greenpeace/VW Darkside saga: the Greenpeace video was pulled from YouTube over rights issues re. the Star Wars references. Is this going to get nasty?
  • Have we hit peak car use already? Australian researchers say yes, as in some key cities people are now driving less. More – and lots of relevant links – at Treehugger.
  • Electric vehicles at  the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend –  check out the picture gallery at (I’m not there myself yet). What’s the Evelio? I’ll find out more…
  • Chevy Volt UK prices announced: from £28,545 (including the £5000 govt. grant). Full leather interior, though… Arrives in the UK early 2012.

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