Thursday newsbriefs

June 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Fancy a mini-Hummer? Battery powered? MEV has opened an office in Marylebone, London, and is offering a series of local-use EVs and golf cart-type vehicles, including the MEV Hummer HX, “the only proportionally-correct licensed resort vehicle on the market”. Officially licensed by GM, says MEV; a 60-mile range with lead-acid batteries, 100 miles with the optional lithium upgrade but no details on top speed or performance. Should you really want one, more at

  • Conference today at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) today re. EVs and infrastructure: check out #IETEV on Twitter, and @AutomotivePR appears to be reporting at regular intervals. Some snippets so far: Ireland wants 250,000 EVs and plug-in hybrids by 2020; Ireland ideal for EVs due to high supply of wind power, single electricity supplier and government commitment; ‘significant’ increase in peak electricity demand expected by 2030; debate on vehicle-to-grid communications, some feedback from Mini E trials, how to increase battery life. Better on Twitter, go there.
  • Renault is installing solar roof panels at six of its factories in France, giving a total power output of 60 MW; it also hopes to cut its C02 emissions by 30,000 tonnes a year. 60MW is enough to power a small town of 15,000 people for a year, by the way.
  • Quantum Technologies has officially launched its plug-in hybrid Ford F-150 conversion. It’s delivering 100 to the Dow Chemical fleet. The conversion gives the truck a 35-mile electric-only range (total range is over 400 miles) and a top speed of 85mph; ground clearance, load-bay and off-road ability remains unchanged.
  • More detail on Tesla’s future-model plans, including Model S, at Autoweek. New-generation – home-built – Roadster within three years, too.
  • Social influence – not price or access to information – is the key factor in persuading people to switch to sustainable technologies such as plug-in hybrid cars, according to research from the University of California, Davis. Report at Green Car Congress.
  • Riso DTU (Technical University of Denmark) has taken delivery of a Peugeot iOn for a study into EVs and their integration into a national grid charging system. The car will be “used for experiments into the intelligent grid of tomorrow”.
  • A new app for EV users called Recargo claims to have data on charging points worldwide – plus Google Earth images so you can check ’em out (Wired Autopia).

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